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The Unimed is the largest cooperative medical system in the world work and also the largest health care network in Brazil, present in 84% of the country. The system was born with the founding of Unimed Santos (SP) by Dr. Edmundo Castilho in 1967, and today consists of 351 medical cooperatives, providing assistance to over 20 million customers across the country.

Unimed clients have over 110,000 active physicians, 113 hospitals and 13 hospitals own day, plus ready-ups, laboratories, ambulances and hospitals accredited to ensure quality in medical, hospital and complementary diagnostic offered.

In addition to holding 30% of the national health insurance market, Unimed has memory captivates the minds of Brazilians. According to national survey by Datafolha Institute, Unimed is the 22nd year in a row the Top of Mind brand when it comes to health insurance. Another highlight is the health insurance premium in the Brazilian rely more received by the 13th consecutive time in the Trusted Brands survey.