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About This Project

COSMETICS ASPA was created in 1937 in southern Greece. Its founder, Mrs. Aspasia Giokaris, was inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean woman and the singular Aegean blue to create exclusive, modern and very efficient products for women who know how to appreciate every detail of their beauty.
Since the early 60s, the whole production of ASPA was taken over by AEROJET Industrial Chemicals, a company that now operates in a unit of 10,000 m², equipped with the latest machines. In addition to the ASPA brand products, its factory is responsible for manufacturing a large number of famous brands and a selection of quality products to meet the domestic and foreign markets.

Always investing in the level of quality, AEROJET has a research and development center where all its products are extensively tested; and a propellant-production refinery CFC-free, fully in accordance with international norms and standards. In addition to developing a high-quality program, it increased its investment in training for its staff and created a large tele-service central to enhance its relationship with the domestic and international markets.