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About This Project

The rise in the mid-70s of Maintenance Associations in countries like Spain, Mexico and Portugal, increased the interest of Brazilian professionals in modern concepts, methods, and technologies then available in the area. Gradually, it became stronger the conviction that, also in Brazil, it was needed an entity specifically dedicated to the development of Maintenance, understood as an important link in the production chain.
The persistent work of a group of idealists led, in 1983, to the realization in Rio de Janeiro of the III Ibero-American Congress of Maintenance—an event that has since become an important milestone, for it was there where the launch and approval of the proposal to create the said Entity happened.
With participation initially restricted to a few representatives from well-structured sectors—such as oil, electricity, steel and transport, that embryonic group soon had the support of many others imbued with the same ideal, working in achieving that ultimate goal .
Thus, on October 17, 1984, at a meeting at the Engineering Club, in the presence of the most representative segments of the Community, the Brazilian Association of Maintenance – ABRAMAN was at last founded.
After 27 years of existence, the now adult and reinvigorated ABRAMAN took a firm step to continue at the forefront of the market. On April 26, 2012, at the Annual General Meeting it was approved the change of ABRAMAN’s statute and name, therefore being called the Brazilian Association of Maintenance and Asset Management, in order to structure the development of new activities and expand the association’s scope of action.