Maintenance Systems

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Maintenance systems is the process of improvement and optimization of an already developed software (production version), as well as the repair of flaws.


We know that the life of a software does not end after its implementation. It will live for a long time. It will be used for years, and surely will receive many updates, creating new versions of the system. Accordingly, maintenance is characterized by modifying the software already delivered to the customer; that is, maintenance will consist of any change in the software after its entry into production.


Software maintenance is the entire procedure that aims to prevent the emergence of possible defects or detect them before they can cause great damage. It can also be defined as an activity where the goal is to improve the performance of certain software, fix flaws or adjust them to new or modified standards.


There are three main types of maintenance in software, Adaptive, Corrective and Evolutionary:


Adaptive: It consists in adapting a software to new technologies such as the latest versions of programs, more powerful processors etc.


Corrective: It aims to correct program errors usually discovered and transmitted by the users of the software.


Evolutionary: they are changes that aim to add new features and enhancements for users who have requested them.


Message has a HelpDesk system (accessed through our website) for the customer to record and track any request, whether it be an evolutionary or corrective maintenance.