Intranet and Extranet

The intranet is a major means of communication in corporations. Through it, the flow of data (centralization of documents, forms, company news, etc.) is constant, intending to reduce costs and to gain speed in the dissemination and distribution of information.


The idea of the intranet thus is centralizing the procedures, circulars, news, forms and common information for employees in one place: the portal.


Within a company, all departments have some information that can be exchanged with other sectors, with each section having a direct way to communicate with others. The intranet can house various types of content: text, photos, videos, audio, presentations, spreadsheets, documents and other formats. This information universe can be used to improve corporate training.

Main Benefits

Cost reduction of print, paper, software distribution, mail and processing requests;

Reduction of expenses in phone calls and telephone-support personnel;

Easier and faster access to technical information and marketing;

A more comprehensive research base;

Increased accuracy and reduced time to access information;

A single friendly and consistent interface to learn and use;

Information and immediate training (Just in Time);

Sharing and reuse of tools and information;

Reduce documentation costs;

Support cost reduction;

Sharing resources and skills;

Dynamic information;

Wealth of multimedia;

New Culture.