Electronic Document Management

Electronic document management and electronic document management (EDM) is a technology that provides a way to easily generate, manage, store, share and retrieve information in existing documents. The GED systems allow users to access documents in an agile and secure fashion, usually via Web browser through a corporate intranet internally or externally accessed–the latter being way more present today. The ability to manage documents is an essential tool for knowledge management.


Documents form the large body of knowledge of a company. GED allows you to preserve this patrimony and electronically organize the documentation, to ensure the necessary information at the right time, for the right person. GED handles any kind of documentation.


Any kind of business, small, medium or large, can use GED, between: schools; law firms; hospitals; managers of condominiums; recruitment companies; architecture firms, design and engineering; press offices and communication; and consulting firms. In medium and large companies, GED can be applied to specific sectors (HR, Training, Accounting, Marketing, IT, etc.). This service evaluates the customer\’s specific needs and offers a modular system, which allows the gradual implementation of the Electronic Document Management.

Key benefits

Accuracy and speed in locating documents;

Automation of document processes:

Absolute control of business processes;

Decreased time processing of documents;

Elimination of the risk of misplacement of documents;

Cost reduction by cutting in printing expenses and gain in productivity;

Economy of space and organization of documents in a virtual environment;

``Ocerização`` (OCR) of images, making it possible to search within a document's content or by keywords;

Information security. Only authorized persons have access to files;

Possibility of maintaining all files safe by backup;

Environmental Awareness, substitution of large amount of digital documents by paper documents;

High speed and accuracy in locating / retrieving documents;

Access through Internet and / or LAN, protected by passwords;

Fast distribution and research of information;

Simultaneous access to files by several people;

Possibility of integration with other systems and technologies;

Cost reduction with new offices, warehouse and archives;

Protection against disasters that could damage the wealth of documents;

Versioning of documents. Easy access to previous versions of documents.

Message uses Microsoft SharePoint to implement the GED.

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